This multiple choice assessment focuses on the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The purpose of the assessment is to enable you to assess the extent and depth of your knowledge of the Data Protection Law in preparation for the CIPM.

Format: Multiple Choice

Time: 90 minutes

The result will be provided immediately, with details on all questions.

What role would data loss prevention software have in a privacy program?

Healthcare organization began integrating the concept of privacy into all facets of their organization, to include targeted and specialized training for handling of sensitive information, along with the adoption within the conceptual and design phases of new business processes, IT systems, contractual agreements, devices and policies. What is this concept of applying privacy solutions into early phases of development known as? 

Which of the following is NOT a good reason to perform a privacy audit on a supplier?

Under the FCRA, if inaccurate information is discovered in a consumer’s file, what is the usual time period in which the credit reporting agency must examine the disputed information?

The investigation of a company’s latest data breach reveals that errors and negligence of several company employees were the breach’s main cause. What is the BEST course of action for the company to reduce the probability of similar incidents in the future?