This multiple choice assessment focuses on the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The purpose of the assessment is to enable you to assess the extent and depth of your knowledge of the Data Protection Law in preparation for the CIPM.

Format: Multiple Choice

Time: 90 minutes

The result will be provided immediately, with details on all questions.

What should a privacy officer do before instituting processes or procedures?

When drafting a privacy vision or mission statement, from whom should an organization seek feedback? 

Which of the following considerations comes after the development of a privacy program’s scope and charter? 

Which of the following is a benefit of a centralized data governance model?

Who is responsible for determining how frequently the intended objective of the organizational vision for privacy should be reviewed? 

6. Which of the following best defines data governance with respect to personal data?

7) When assessing how privacy practices are managed within an organization, what is the role of the ethics and compliance department?

8) Which of the following is a reason for having an executive sponsor for the organizational vision for privacy?

9) It is important to consider which of the following when determining the scope of a privacy program?

10) What is considered to be the main benefit and objective for having a privacy program framework?